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Our Evening

My thoughts are intoxicated by my hunger to have you all to myself like a selfish child with a new toy. All I can think about is kissing your sweet lips and having your hands placed around my waist. I crave your kisses that go from my lips to my neck and trail back up to my ear. I love it when you run your hands down my curves slowly just to make sure that you feel every inch. I want to bite your bottom lip tenderly. I yearn to have your tongue explore my mouth and have your body tightly pressed to mine. I want you close enough to see my soul through my pupils. Of course, I won’t let you. I will push you off of me so that I can roll you over and straddle my legs around you and pin you down on the ground. It’s my turn to dominate you (as if I wasn’t already).

Oh, the dirty things I could do to you, maybe some things illegal! But I’ll stick with the classics of opening your shirt (or just peeling it off) and dragging my fingertips down your chest faintly. The rush of adrenaline will make you want to put my back to the ground, but I will fight you so I can stay on top and drive you wild. I’d kiss you from your lips and trail them lightly down your chest all the way down to your belt, which I would gladly unbuckle. I’d unzip your pants with my teeth. I’d press my thumbs into your pelvic special spots and make your groan with pleasure! You’d pull my shirt over my head so that I am wearing nothing but my short shorts and my pretty blue bra. I’d press my lower half into yours and whisper dirty things in your ear. Finally, I’d flatten myself on you and pull your body on top of mine so that we could really get started.

You’d put your hands under my lower back and I’d wrap my legs around you while I kiss you passionately and dig my fingers into your back so that I can drag them down ever so slowly. You know exactly where to put your hands on me, especially when you play around with the waistband on my shorts and tease me by pretending to take them off. However, two can play at that game and I’d tease you by reaching into your boxer shorts for a firm grip around your…well you can fill in the rest can’t you?

You’d ask me for more and I may tease you and tell you no, but I’d do so much more for you babe. I’d ask you for something special in return and without missing a beat, off come my shorts and your boxers are going south towards your ankles. Finally things are really heating up. You lean into me, but not all the way in and by now I am begging you to just give in to my requests. Your thumbs press into my special spots, then you kiss my neck sweetly while you fumble to take off my bra. I cannot even handle it anymore and I pull you in close and whisper “make love to me” in your ear.

You finally penetrate my body and all the pressure building up is released with every push and every thrust. I am breathing in your essence from beneath my sheets in the middle of a thunderstorm. You are really hitting the spot and I cannot help but pant your name and tell you not to stop. Please don’t stop! Of course, I have to lend a helping waist and thrust myself into you so that you can go deeper. You say my name and that makes me even more excited as we near the finish line. Faster. Harder. The storm outside begins to rumble even louder and the entire bed is shaking from the strong winds and our perpetual movement. This storm is mimicking our strong love for each other that we are expressing right now! Don’t stop. Yes baby yes! Please don’t stop! Oh yes! The thunder is loud enough to shatter an ear drum. Damn, you are hitting the spot. The rain is pouring outside as the drops pound on the rooftop while you press yourself into me. Give me more! Yes baby yes! Please don’t stop! YES!

At last, everything feels at peace. My head is spinning in circles and you have collapsed on top of me. Our sweat combines to make the smell of a good night well spent. I hold you close and whisper “I love you sweetie pie” in your ear and you tell me “I love you too buttercup”. For now, we are resting until we become restless and we go again for round 2…

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cute girl

So.. my fantasie would be like, I’d take this cute and sexy girl from my school home, we would be having some sort of sleepover thing. Then we’d get to my room, and I’d show her around and stuff. We would wonder over to my bed and she turns and looks at me in a sexy way and pulls me by the collar of my shirt and kisses me like no one else ever has, like she wants to fuck right there.. We gasp for air while she takes off my shirt and I push us on to the bed, me on top of her. Id push up her shirt while kissing up her lightly toned stomach and eventually pull it off over her head, then I’d slowly tease her, kissing my way down, pianfully slow, stroking her breasts,untill I reach the border of her jeans.. I’d come up for a kiss while I slip my hand in her pants, at which point she moans so fucking loud It gets me so hot and I just keep thrusting in to her, kissing her neck,  until finally she digs her nails into my back and cums, while moaning into my ear and softly winging, trembling from the amazing fuck we just had ;)

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Anonymous said: Whatever happened to that anon who wanted to have a threesome with his girlfriend and another guy? He promised more!!! That one was so fucking hot.

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Anonymous said: Girl on girl gets me so hot. I just want a girl to eat me out. I want to be soaking wet, and I want her to pin me down and wriggle her tongue around inside of me.

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Anonymous said: I have this big crush on my biology teacher. I think she is bi or maybe even lesbian, I think she is really beautiful and maybe it may be something inside my head, but I think she kinda likes me too, I'm 16. Everytime I see her, I imagine I am kissing her and having sex with her. I am a girl. I can't keep my desire for her, I see her and everytime she smiles I already think I am kissing her, taking her clothes off and licking her until she orgasms... And then I imagine her licking me too.

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My fantasy

I’ve always had this fantasy of going out with a friend who’s a girl, some bar or club. The closer we get to the place, she keeps hinting on the fact that she might be bi. As soon as we get there, she breaks down and tells me that she’s bi and that this is a secret lesbian orgy that she goes to every month. Then, I’d kiss her and fondle her breasts as to give her the idea that I’m all for it. When we go in, we’re immediately greeted with oiled up girls ripping our clothes of. They give my friend a strap-on which she puts on. We later walk into a room filled with girls between 18-25 eating eachother out, fucking eachother, fingering, fisting, etc.
I’m immediately thrown onto a mat, held down and played with. one girl fondles me, while another fingers and eats me out. Another one sits on my face, and the other positions herself so I can fingerfuck her. It’s amazing, I cum quick.
then, while I’m still in the aftershocks, they bring my friend in.
They pull me up, place me on all fours, and lube me up.
She positions herself behind me and slowly pushes it in. She takes it slow at first, gently pushing in and pulling out.
then she loses control, she fucks me harder and faster that I ever though humanly possible.
She rubs my clit furiously and grabs my waist with her free hand.
Once I cum, I throw her down, take off her strap-on, and eat her out to return the favor..

And that’s only the start of the night 

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